Things that are Random Wednesday February 11 edition

Wednesday, February 11

So randoms for this week and some of last week...

I worked an average of 9.5 hours a day all last week! There were lots and lots of orders to get out, and overall I was exhausted by Friday and wanted to just go to bed. I felt it was best if I actually saw and talked to my husband, so I stayed up to talk with him. I know 9.5 hours every day isn't a lot - but when he's doing schoolwork when I get home from work, it doesn't really allow us time to talk, and spend with one another.

I also had a Relief Society activity that I got to help out on Thursday night, which was a lot of fun, but really exhausting. The activity was about Resolutions and had 6 classes you could attend relating to different topics (spiritual, fitness/eating healthy, finances, family history, family relationships, and cooking). I went to the fitness class (cause one of my friends was teaching it- she's more athletic than I am and I know I can learn more from her), I learned how to make green smoothies, and a few others (when I perfect mine I will definitely share the recipe). I also went to the family history, and family relationships class. Those were good and it's what I needed to hear.

Monday I went to my chiropractor and he did an herbal rub (has inflammatory herbs in a mix) and electrical acupuncture on my left IT band and back of my calf that has been giving me trouble...

This has been helping a lot and now I just need a new pair of shoes

Last night we went to a seminar about infertility it was great and I will talk about it more later, but we got this really cool pen from there, that I had to have! 

Other randomness - I'm doing this weight loss challenge at work and decided I could use a better butt in the process + will help with running... Thanks Blogilates! I have done several other workouts from her and they are fun.

This quote that I found on my instagram feed has been on my mind with infertility this past week. Totally relates to infertility as well as exercise and staying fit and healthy.

Happy Hump day! I'm off to work and then to boot camp!
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