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Tuesday, December 30

This post is a little bit late...

Running this week has been fun! I've been slow and have been walking a lot during my runs, but I don't necessarily feel burnt out from it.

Monday I woke up early and went out running in the cold rain! It was awesome and I really didn't know I was running until about half way through. I ran 3.22
I ended up getting really wet! My thighs were so cold when I walked in the door

It felt so good to get out and the rain ended up being so refreshing!

 I ended up walking a bit - I think I've been running faster than what my body feels its able to run.
Later that day the rain turned into snow. But like most Utah weather - the snow didn't last!

Wednesday (Christmas Eve) I had the day off from work, so I slept in a little bit and then Chase kicked me out the door telling me that I needed to get a run in before I felt too lazy to run. What a good husband! I ended up just running 4.93 miles, but it was so close to 5 that I could call it 5, right?
It was a lot colder than what I have been running in lately so I'm glad I had a beanie on and gloves.

Saturday didn't snow (thank goodness), but since it had snowed on Christmas (boo!) It was really hard for me to actually get out and run on the road. So I opted to run at our rec center since I don't own a treadmill (another boo!). Well I will admit I don't quite know how to use the machines so the first time on the treadmill I got to an hour and then it started doing its cool down for me. So that's why it shows a weird time.
So I hopped on another treadmill and tried that one out..

I did the second run in an hour as well. It just didn't want to show on the workout summary. All in all I did 9.29 in 2:01 which my average pace was about 13'04". Slow for me, but since I haven't ran 9 since my half marathon in October it's not bad. I'm just really sore, especially my hamstrings!

Almost to the end of the year! I only need 7 miles to complete my goal for the year!

What exercise goals did you have for the year?
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