Things that are a Book Review: How to Cope with IVF

Tuesday, June 27

I was asked by Silvia, the author of "How to Cope with IVF: The Essential Guide for IVF First Timers," if I would write a review of her book. Silvia is located in the UK, and her book has done great there, and was looking for more outreach here in the U.S.. I was amazed at what detail went into the book, because there was a LOT more information that I found than doing just a regular search online.

This book offers support and guidance for IVF. How to take care of yourself with nutrition, meditation, exercises for the best chances at having a successful IVF cycle. It talks about things to do during IVF as well as the aftermath of IVF and what happens if your IVF cycle happens to fail.

These are some of the things that stuck out to me while reading it:
• Gives nutrition and supplements to take before and during IVF
• The best yoga positions for fertility
• Practicing mindfulness and visualization
• Lots of recipes to try - scrubs and smoothies to help with skin and boost fertility

"One of the other many benefits of meditation is that it works quickly and you can experience stress relief and feel a sense of calm within a few minutes. Meditation also does not require a big time commitment."  Even just taking a few minutes out of your day to breath in and out to a count of 8 can really help relax and rejuvenate you. I have been doing deep relaxation for the past several months, and have found this very beneficial and not sure why I didn't start it before. It would have definitely helped me undergoing IVF last July.

"I believe that if you prepare yourself properly for IVF by approaching your treatment in a holistic, practical and measured way, you stand a much better chance of coping. If you know what to expect then you can prepare yourself for it. You need to break it down into bite-size chunks, digest each bit as you go until you get the full picture." I agree with Silvia, trying to digest IVF in one go can cause panic and anxiety.

I think this book can offer guidance not just first time IVF-fers, but those who have done and failed a few IVF cycles. I learned a few things in the book (and I've done IVF twice now), and some of the smoothies sound delicious to try!

You can find and purchase the book on Amazon in kindle or paper edition.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of the book in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions shared are mine and not influenced by the company in any way. 
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